Environmental project management  

- Identification of environmental key problems
- Research project management, organization, scheduling and budgeting

Water quality and risk assessment   - Biological, physical and chemical sampling, including remote-sensing
- Development and implementation of water quality assessment and restoration programs (EU Water Framework Directive)
- Risk assessment of physical and chemical stressors (toxic spills, eutrophication, climate change)
Ecotoxicology   - Design, construction and management of micro and mesocosms for ecotoxicological testing
- Toxicity of metals, herbicides, nanomaterials and UVR
- Short- and long-term toxicity tests, effective concentration calculations
- Multiple stressors-toxicity; co-tolerance and co-sensitivity assessment
Laboratory techniques and management   - Analysis of photosynthesis in plants and algae (C14, Fluorimetry, Oxygen)
- Analysis of metals, nanoparticles and pesticides on water or biological samples (ICP-MS, HPLC, Zetasizer, Electronic microscopy, Spectrophotometry)
- Planning experiments; organizing, and training of staff, progress reports
Teaching and divulgatation   Design of courses and materials, and teaching in ecotoxicology, water ecology and other environmental related issues

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