Running waters are perhaps the most human-impacted ecosystems on the planet, since human intensively exploit them and their basins. Human modification of landscapes, the release of chemical stressors and foreign species, combined to climatic change, lead to altered stream water quality and quantity. Aquatic communities are thus exposed to a multiple stressors scenario where their acclimatization abilities to harsh conditions will be severely tested.

My research focus on the impacts of human activities in aquatic environments at different biological levels, upon combining studies on cultures (algae and micro-invertebrates), artificial-channels (mesocosms with algal biofilms), and surveys of natural communities (for more details visit Projects). At present my research topics are:

1. Ecotoxicological studies aiming at understanding the effect of the pollutants at population and community level, focusing in nanoparticles, herbicides, heavy metals and UVR.

2. Ecological studies aiming at modeling impacts of human activities at the aquatic ecosystem level, focusing on water quality and impacts of invasive species.

3. Urban airborne pollution caused by nano and micro-sized materials (as PM10) using plants (Nerium oleander) as biomonitoring tools.

4. Algal biotechnology: use of algae for biodiesel & gas production, and waste water treatment.

I am member of the American Society of Limnology & Oceanography (ASLO), Iberian Limnology Association (AIL), Spanish Biological Association (COB) and American Chemical Society (ACS). Recently I have been also enrolled as external expert of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and as coordinator of the Nanotoxicology-Working-Group at NANOSPAIN. A short list of my publications is available here, at At my BLOG you will find some divulgative comments about my research and other environmental related issues (in Spanish).


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